More Alabama Schools Implement International Baccalaureate (IB) Curriculum

Rena Havner & Josh Bean:

Also for the first time, some Alabama elementary and middle schools, including Mobile’s Council Traditional, that can feed into IB high schools will within the next few years begin offering IB programs for younger students.
“This is a great thing for the whole area,” said Mobile County Public School System Superintendent Harold Dodge. “It sort of ratchets up our expectations one more level.”
The three local high schools are on track to allow their current ninth-graders to take IB classes beginning their junior year in fall 2008, officials said.
By taking IB’s rigorous courses, students will be able to earn up to a year’s worth of college credit before they graduate from high school. They’ll also be more attractive candidates for scholarship money.
The three schools are in the application process and still must meet some requirements before receiving official approval from the Geneva, Switzerland-based agency that oversees International Baccalaureate.