Live Chat: Reaching Gifted Children

Join Education Week on Monday, March 19, from noon to 1 p.m., Eastern time, for a live Web chat with Karen Isaacson and Tamara Fisher, the co-authors of “Intelligent Life in the Classroom—Smart Kids & Their Teachers,” a new book from Great Potential Press of Scottsdale, Ariz. This is the second in a regular series of chats on education books.
Isaacson and Fisher make a unique writing pair: Isaacson is the mother of five gifted children, while Fisher is the K-12 gifted education specialist for a school district located on an Indian reservation in northwestern Montana.

In “Intelligent Life in the Classroom,” the two authors draw on their own experiences and real-world anecdotes to offer insights into the way gifted children’s minds work and the best ways to reach and engage them in the classroom. With humor and understanding, they write about the imperative to harness gifted children’s potential, to nurture their curiosity, and to channel their intensity. They cite a common saying among teachers—that gifted children are children first and gifted second.
“Isaacson and Fisher have contributed a refreshingly welcome perspective concerning the complexities of smart kids and the teachers who reach them,” Marcia Gentry, the associate director of the Gifted Education Resource Institute at Purdue University, says of the book.
“Karen Isaacson and Tamara Fisher are connoisseurs of young learners, studying and savoring the variety of kids who come their way. They remind readers of a number of non-negotiables of superior teaching,” Carol Ann Tomlinson, a professor of educational leadership at the University of Virginia, writes in the book’s foreword.
Ms. Isaacson and Ms. Fisher will be online to answer your questions about teaching and better understanding gifted children.
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