Social Promotion

Eugene Kane:

The report card has been bothering her all summer. Now that her daughter is scheduled to start her senior year at South Division High School, Sandra questions if she’s actually prepared to enter the last step of her public education.
“How can the system do something like this?” asked Sandra, who has two other children who also have attended MPS.
As a single mother who works as a cook, Sandra doubts her daughter is ready to enter the working world or attend college with grades like this.
For this beleaguered mother, something isn’t right.
“She’s just not up to par, but they’re promoting her anyway,” she said. “It’s scary.”
For proof, Sandra sent me a copy of her daughter’s report card from last semester.
It’s been a long time since I actually saw a high school report card, but I can understand Sandra’s dismay at the results. Out of five classes, her daughter received a “U” in all but one. The other grade was a “D,” which in my day wasn’t exactly something to write home about.