In an e-mail to the Board of Education, Roger Price admitted a serious error in the budget documents given to the board only three days ago:

I incorrectly classified some professional positions as administrators and some supervisory positions as clerical.

Price attached a corrected Excel table to show the FTEs in the revised “balanced budget.”
I’ve taken Price’s revised “balanced budget” FTEs and compared them to the current year FTEs in a second Excel table.
Initially, Price’s table show and INCREASE of 5.38 FTE clerical positions. Now he shows a DECREASE of 16.32. His original table showed a DECREASE of 22.70 supervisor FTEs. Now he shows a decrease of 1. For administrators, the original table showed an INCREASE of 2.50. His table now shows a DECREASE of 3.00.
You have to wonder how many other figures are wrong. You have to wonder whether the rest of the budget figures need to be changed throughout the 99-page Financial Summaries document to reflect the errors.
And now the MOST AMAZING CHANGE! Price’s new chart includes the seven members of the board in the FTEs. This has NEVER been done previously, and Price gave no reason in his memo to explain the sudden need to add the board members to the FTEs.
This budget process has GOT TO CHANGE!
Remember, this is the same Roger Price who couldn’t produce a budget on time last year, and then needed hundreds of hours of staff overtime to produce the budget at the last minute! This is the same Roger Price who cost the district tens of thousands of dollars to reprint referendum ballots because of “miscommunication”.

Price’s memo to the board:

Board of Education,
Attached is a corrected copy of the Staffing Changes by position chart from page 41 of the Financial Summaries Document (Chapter 1). During the compilation of this chart which DOES NOT come directly off of the system, I incorrectly classified some professional positions as administrators and some supervisory positions as clerical.
I have now expanded the table to include last years original budget and last years revised budget, as it correlates to the info in the budget materials.
I am sorry that this occurred, but as careful as we are in preparation of the materials, errors are missed. In the future, please give me a call if you encounter data that does not flow or appears in conflict and we will work to either explain or correct as needed.
I am also attaching the full list of positions by department that
provides more detail as to the changes in positions from the current