2006 Candidate Forum Audio/Video: Dane County Public Affairs Council

Dane County Public Affairs Council
2006 Madison School Board Candidate Forum.
View [video] or listen [mp3 audio] to the entire event, or read each question below and view the candidate responses.

  1. Opening Statements [video]

  2. Describe how you would strengthen the role of the Board of Education in the relationship with the Superintendent and the unions (especially the teachers’ union) representing employees in negotiating contract agreements and in the implementation and oversight of those agreements? [ video]

  3. There are serious budget issues facing the district for the next budget cycle. What changes in the budgeting process will you support to assist the Board of Education to best resolve those issues locally, within the current revenue structure? What is your position with respect to a referendum to raise the revenue cap related to budgeting for the District? [ video]

  4. Reading and mathematics are two of the most critical curriculum issues needing attention in the District. What solutions should the Board work toward for improving effectiveness, efficiency and performance with the achievement issues in those areas? [ video]

  5. Health care costs for all employees and incentive/merit pay for teachers are two critical issues in the District. Contracts for teachers and others must be negotiated during your term of office. What are your views about these issues? What will be your approach to dealing with these issues in the negotiating processes? [ video]

  6. Task Forces appointed by the Board are preparing recommendations for the Board with attention to changing demographics and facility capacities. What are your observations regarding preliminary options of the Task Forces? What are your views regarding constructing school additions, a new elementary school and school closings? What will be your approach to reviewing the recommendations of the Task Forces and to weighing options within the context of the budgeting process for the next fiscal year and beyond? [ video]

  7. The Community Services Fund (80) has undergone significant growth (nearly 250%) outside the revenue cap in the past six years. What will you do as a member of the Board in reducing the burden of this fund on the taxpayers and for providing rigorous oversight and accountability for programs, services, budget and taxing authority within this fund? [ video]

  8. The Board provides little, if any, leadership in the development of District policy related to curriculum. What are the public policy issues you believe need to be addressed related to curriculum standards; and, to addressing achievement differences among students of different races and cultures? What will be your role as a member of the Board to provide leadership and set direction in this area? [Question skipped due to time constraints]

  9. A safe school environment from violence, crime and harassment for students and staff is increasingly challenged by negative and disruptive incidents with respect to these issues. What must the Board do in order to assure a safe climate in our schools? [ video]

  10. Closing Statements [ video]

Local media coverage:

  • Jason Soriano:

    Candidates for two seats on the Madison School Board had mixed opinions this morning on whether to build new school space to handle the enrollment problems in the district.
    Earlier this week, a task force representing west side schools (many of which are overcrowded) unanimously recommended building a new far west side elementary school and a seven-classroom addition at Leopold Elementary, while a similar task force for the east side recommended moving district programs to fill empty space in schools there.

  • Sandy Cullen:

    Group Says Voters Have A Chance To Change The Way The Board Does Business.