Illiteracy remains a problem in the U.S.

Larry Winkler called attention to the figures in the recent assessment of literacy among adult Americans, as reported in the New York Times. An article in the Capital Times brings the issue closer to home:

. . .Wisconsin has the second highest high school graduation in the country for whites, it has the worst (50th out of 50 states) for African-Americans, the Center on Wisconsin Strategy reports.
Community-based literacy councils attempt to help those with the lowest literacy skills, said Erickson, whose nonprofit statewide organization provides support, training and advocacy to its 45 member literacy councils.
“They are on the frontlines serving the adults in the very lowest levels of literacy skills without access to most of the federal and state funding,” she said.
Most, in fact, rely on volunteers to tutor adults with limited literacy skills.
In 2004, more than 1,000 adult learners were served by the Madison Area Literacy Council, 264 of whom got the skills needed to get a job, while 280 learners were able to become active in the education of their children, said Executive Director Greg Markle.
To volunteer or sign up for services, contact the council at 244-3911 or see