Animosity Toward Band, Orchestra and Vocal Music Curriculum Unnecessary – Alienates Parents, Community

I think what I found most disturbing about the elimination of band, orchestra and vocal music from the school day in Sherman Middle School was the exclusion (almost isolation) of music staff by other Sherman staff from the front of the room at the parent meeting in early June to present the exploratory changes being mandated including questions/issues surrounding the music curriculum at Sherman. I found the a) open irritation by some Sherman Middle School staff toward the music staff shocking, b) the lack of music curriculum assessment and planning for the changes unsettling, and c) the exclusions of parents and students in the process alarming.

An experienced teacher who taught my daughter has done important developing ways and approaches to actively include minority families into the school environment said it best, “Teachers and administrators do not have the corner on all the answers and creative ideas – we need to interact openly and in meaninful ways with our parents and community members.” I think this is advice the Sherman leadership would do well to heed. As the new high school principal at East indicated – my plan won’t succeed but our plan will.
I think roles, responsibilities, oversight of curriculum quality could stand to be revisited.