What’s the Future for Ads in the Madison Schools?

Johnny Winston Jr., chair of the Finance and Operations Committee of the Madison School Board, kicked off a new discussion of the possible role of business ads to raise money for our schools at the June 13 meeting of his committee. Committee member Lawrie Kobza asked the administration to bring back information about what other districts are doing beyond the advertisements in yearbooks, school newspapers and the like. Good ideas, both.
However, why stop there? Maybe there are products looking for School Board member endorsements.

Maybe our reputation for long, contentious meetings could help us turn a profit for kids.
Imagine the ads.
Close-up of tired School Board member (me).
Voice over: You know Ruth Robarts as a voice for dissenting views on the Madison School Board. But do you know what she does about Monday night headaches?
Me: Ever get headaches at meetings where everybody says the same thing? Even you? Nobody listens to you? When you’re ready to go home, they start up another PowerPoint presentation and hand out the spreadsheets?
Me, too, but I found a solution—School Board Strength Excedrenol. If it works for me, it will work for your Monday night headaches.
Fade to picture of product.