MMSD Partnership Committee – Citizen Members Sought

The MMSD School Board Partnership Committee has two openings for citizens members. Letters of interest, mailed to the School Board President, Carol Carstensen, are being sought. The deadline for applying is Friday, May 27, 2005.
The MMSD Partnership Committee, which will be chaired by Lawrie Kobza in the 2005-2006 school year, focuses on community partnerships and MSCR. The other two board members on the committee are Ruth Robarts and Johnny Winston, Jr. Information on application for appointment follows:

Excert from MMSD board Policy #1031:
5. Citizen Members; Application for Appointment. Any adult resident of the District or pupil in a District high school or alternative high school program is eligible to apply for appointment as a citizen member of any standing committee with citizen members. Applicants shall mail or deliver to the BOARD PRESIDENT a letter containing the applicant’s name, address and telephone number and a statement not exceeding 500 words of the applicant’s qualifications and interest in appointment to a specified committee. A person may apply, by separate letters, for appointment to more than one standing committee, or subcommittee of a standing committee, but shall not simultaneously serve as a citizen member of more than one committee. Letters of application may be submitted at any time and shall be kept on file for at least two years from the date of submission. Letters of application shall be open to public inspection and shall be reviewed by the BOARD PRESIDENT prior to nominating citizen members to any committee. District staff and BOARD members may encourage any person they deem qualified to apply for appointment as a citizen member of a standing committee. After consultation with the chairperson of each committee on which citizens serve, the Board President shall recommend to the Board the nomination of citizens to serve on each committee on which citizens serve. The Board shall vote to approve such nominations.
# Citizen Members; Terms. Citizen members of standing committees or subcommittees of a standing committee shall be appointed for two year terms, except as otherwise provided in this paragraph. If there is a vacancy in the office of a citizen member, a citizen shall be appointed to fill the unexpired term, but if the unexpired term is less than six (6) months, the person shall serve for the unexpired term plus one full term. Terms of citizen members shall commence June 1st and end May 31st. Citizen members shall serve staggered terms. High School pupils appointed to a standing committee or subcommittee of a standing committee may be appointed to either 1 or 2 year terms, as the BOARD PRESIDENT directs. No citizen member shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms on the same standing committee.
# Citizen Members; Vacancy. If a citizen member resigns, establishes residence outside the District, becomes a member of the BOARD, or is removed by the BOARD, his or her office as a citizen member shall be deemed vacant. A citizen member may be removed by the BOARD upon motion by the chair of the standing committee on which the citizen member serves and a showing that the citizen member has failed to attend or otherwise perform his or her duties on a grievous and continuous basis, despite the chair’s warning the member of the possibility of removal for such dereliction of duty.