Help me understand the “budget”

I don’t understand the only MMSD document posted on the district’s Web site for next year’s budget. Maybe someone can help me.

For instance, the document presents “2005-2006 Budgets by Department” for all departments including “Elementary Education.” The first set of figures for Elementary Education shows Salary and Benefits. Then three pages later the document repeats the summary for Salary and Benefits, but with different figures. In the first set, the document shows 2003-2004 expenditures as $64,469,982. The second set shows the expenditures as $63,430,723. Which number is the correct amount for 2003-2004 expenditures? I can understand that projections could vary depending on different assumptions, but how can spending from the past vary?
Speaking of projections, the first set of figures shows the “Proposed Budget” as $66,200,252. The second shows the “Proposed Budget” as $65,638,790. Were different assumptions used for the two projections? The document has no narrative so it’s not possible to know what assumptions were used for either projection or why the amount varies.
I have another question. In a page titled “Summary by Department” the document shows the proposed budget for “Public Info/Commun Development” as $949,506 and 11.25 FTE. I can’t find any listing for “Public Info/Commun Development” in the MMSD directory or on the MMSD Web site. So who or what is Public Info/Commun Development? What are its functions?
Another question. In just skimming the document, I found an entry in the Human Services summary for “Sub Teacher – Contractual.” The budget for 2004-2005 was $100,000. The “same service” budget is listed as $3,328,711. Something’s wrong here. Is it a typo? Are funds being shifted around? If so, where’d the funds come from and why were they shifted?
Finally, how do I find expenditures for various MMSD programs and projects? For example, the district wants to expand Read 180 for an additional $150,000. Is that money in the document? If so, where? How much does the district spend on Reading Recovery, and where do I find those expenditures? Where can I find how much the district spent on installing the Lawson Software system?
So many questions. So few answers in the document.