Connecticut’s A.G. to sue Federal Government

Air America’s Al Franken interviewed Richard Blumental, Connecticut’s Attorney General, Friday because he is fiing a law suit against the federal government. His complaint on behalf of the state of Connecticut is the federal government is illegally and unconstitutionally requiring states and communities to spend millions of dollars to administer federally mandated test. He claims it is unconstitutional for the federal government to mandate education to the local communities without financially backing the mandates. He is asking that other states join in…………

The same could be true for Special Education mandates required by the state and federal government in Madison. Mr. Keyes repeats over and over that if the state and federal government met their promised support for S.E. we would eliminate our budget gap.
While attending a board meeting last year I asked why we could not sue the state and federal government over these mandates. While the board chuckled at the idea, I was serious. I hate frivolous law suits but sometimes publicity is worth the suit. Read more at or