Madison School Board Candidate Diversity Forum

MAFAAC and MPE sponsored a Madison School Board Candidate Diversity Forum Saturday, March 12, 2005 at Edgewood College. Statements, Questions and Video Clips Follow:

  • Introduction/Opening Statements: 26MB Video
  • Q1: What procedures would you put in place to examine the impact of any proposed budget cuts on efforts to close the achievement gap? 20MB Video: all 4 candidates
  • Q2: What is your vision regarding issues of second language learners and bilingual education? 18MB Video: all 4 candidates
  • Q3: Many in our community would like to see an increase in minority staff? How would you propose that mmsd recruit & retain minority staff? 20MB Video: all 4 candidates
  • As a member of the Board, how would you advocate to close the achievement gap between minority and non-minority students? 18MB Video
  • Many students of color, particularily African-American & Latino, are disproportionately recommended for suspension and expulsion. What can the Board do to change this? 22MB Video: all 4 candidates
  • Many parents of minority students feel that they have any ____ participation in their children’s schools, or that they are welcome in the schools. How would you address these concerns? 21MB Video: all 4 candidates
  • There are many African-American children who are dyslexic. If elected, what will you do to address this situation? (Carstensen & Winkler)
  • (Parent Question): Is there a concern about minority hiring procedures (that those procedures might screen out qualified candidates)? 5MB Video: (Clingan)
  • (Parent Question): Why don’t we have a principal at East and when are we getting one? I’m concerned about the lack of communication. I want to ask the two people who don’t have kids at East. 10MB Video: (Clingan & Winkler)
  • Where do you stand on the planned referendums? 6MB Video: (all four candidates)
  • Closing Remarks: 19MB Video: (all four candidates)