MMSD Board Policy Changes – Administration Proposes Eliminating Equity Policy / Northside PTO Coalition Says No, Not a Good Idea

Mixed in with other MMSD Board business on December 6, 2004 was a change to District Policy 9001 regarding equity.
From the Board Agenda – X Other Business – Item C.
It is recommended that the Board approve: 1) the changes that are attached relative to Board Policy 9000A and 9000B which have to do with a Code of Conduct for employees and Board members; 2) the deletion of Board Policy 9001 regarding equity; and 3) the changes that are attached relative to Board Policy 10,000 regarding charter schools.
The Northside PTO Coalition opposed the MMSD Administration proposal to eliminate the Equity Policy. Board members decided to postpose a decision on this policy and asked the administration to rework the policy with consideration given to equity issues.
This is the second time in little over a month that a policy change raised concern among the public. Earlier, the District administration had proposed eliminating the policy that required professionals to be included in the hiring of teachers in certain aeas: physical education, special education, fine arts, for example.
Fine arts teachers said they needed this professional help to ensure the quality teaching professionals are hired in specific areas.
Maybe the Board needs to consider an interim step in the policy revision process that first passes through a Board committee if the change is more than simple updating.
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In a statement released on Monday, December 6th, the Northside PTO Coalition stated:
“The School Board must hear public input and carefully consider this proposed elimination because the Equity Policy is a statement of what the Board believes is important in providing an equitable education to all children. This is a Board policy, yet the Administration is recommending that it be eliminated
The proposed Equity Policy elimination raises concerns that the district is not committed to equity for all, even at a time they a spouting the rhetoric about equity issues and students of color. If this is the case, it will significantly impact students of color and the gap will continue to widen. We know that this cannot be true, so we call for the School Board to give the matter a full hearing by not voting to accept the proposed elimination, and instead call for a full review of the Equity Policy.
If the School Board determines that a more effective and encompassing Equity Policy is needed, then the current Equity Policy should not be abandoned until an acceptable replacement has been crafted and approved.”