ACE Presentation to School Board

Don Severson forwarded his presentation to the Madison School Board Thursday evening:

Inasmuch as the BOE and district administration are engaged in the leadership of an educational enterprise this is a good time to reflect on our experiences in the operation of the system and its processes. Let me suggest a �lesson plan�. This lesson plan has been prepared for the BOE and administrative leadership of the district and intended for their collaborative planning and implementation with teachers, parents, students and the community.


  • Develop a base line of trust and respect among selves and others significant to the processes
  • Facilitate the efforts and skills of those who are learners, those who are teachers, those who support the processes, as well as parents and citizens
  • Adhere to decision-making processes without disruption to the educational processes
  • Apply policies and processes equitably with all groups/persons involved, but differently according to needs when appropriate
  • Demonstrate leadership for systemic change based upon adequate research, performance indicators and value to the community
  • Undertake initiatives for making the system work more effectively
  • Balance social services with educational performance for all students


  • Functional role and responsibility development as a Board and in relationships with administration and the unions
  • Skill development in strategic, long-term planning
  • The art of shared communications and listening among selves and with constituencies
  • Collaborations and partnerships with other stakeholders


  • Muster the political will, fortitude and abilities to make a difference for the reasons appropriate for educational needs and outcomes
  • Accept accountability and responsibility for those actions under local control
  • To change the �ain�t it awful� syndrome in assigning blame to others for the fix we are in
  • Add value and significance with leadership and vision