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October 23, 2007

Madison School District Proposed Final 2007-2008 Budget: $349M

The Madison School District's Administration proposed a $349,562,776 final 2007-2008 budget last night [$14,404.26/student (24,268)]. This represents an increase of $10,136,058 from the adopted current year budget ($339,427,718). It also represents a $16,460,911 increase (4.94%) over the 2006-2007 revised budget. [Citizen's Budget]

MMSD Budget Amendments and Tax Levy Adoption for 2007-2008 11.6MB PDF

It will be interesting to see where these additional funds are spent. Send your thoughts to the Madison School Board:

Superintendent Rainwater mentioned last night that 55 additional students "open enrolled" out of the MMSD this year, taking their spending authority with them. The numbers are evidently "trending up".

Posted by Jim Zellmer at October 23, 2007 10:43 AM
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