Civics: Governance and “Restorative Justice”

Miranda Dunlap:

The trustees who most vocally resisted Whitbeck’s restorative discipline push did not comment publicly Monday about claims that some board members moved to oust the superintendent. One of those trustees, David Hamilton, told Whitbeck that it is “indisputable that the district is in better shape today than it was when you took the job.”

However, Malone pointed to Whitbeck’s swift retirement as evidence of politics at play. She did not detail specific instances of dissension between the board and Whitbeck.

“Guys, does it make sense that a superintendent would retire after doing all of this, just on a whim?” Malone asked meeting attendees. “Do you believe it? Are you buying it?”

Most of the roughly 50 people attending the meeting appeared in favor of Whitbeck. Many jeered as Dae and Jones spoke, while several were in tears as the board voted to approve Whitbeck’s retirement.