Department Of Education Imposes Largest Fine In History On America’s Largest Christian College; Was It Targeted By Biden Administration?

Paul Caron:

Wall Street Journal Editorial, Biden Regulators Fine a Christian College:

The liberal press frets with some cause that Donald Trump will target his political opponents if he wins the White House in 2024, but why aren’t they bothered by the Biden Administration’s weaponization of government? Consider the Education Department’s record fine last week against Grand Canyon University (GCU).

The Education Department dunned GCU, the nation’s largest Christian college, $37.7 million for allegedly deceiving prospective students about the cost of its doctoral programs. Its specific beef is that GCU charged students for taking courses while they complete their dissertation, and that these costs weren’t included in a table estimating the degree’s total cost.

But the number of continuation courses varies. Its disclosures make clear that doctoral degree earners require continuation courses—9.5 on average for psychology, which cost $2,175 per course. The department claims this disclosure is buried in “fine print.” GCU’s disclosure is in full-size, red type above its Degree Program Calculator.