Exposing the 2020 fed-ordered, academic-run, corporate-censorship extortion racket

New York Post:

The Department of Homeland Security was censoring speech before the 2020 election, new emails released by the House Judiciary Committee show. 

How? Through the favorite weapon of America’s intelligence apparatus, fake claims of disinformation

Stanford University’s Election Integrity Partnership was set up at the request of DHS and its Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, says a senior member of one of the EIP’s founding groups, and they were “in weekly comms to debrief about disinfo.”

That was in July 2020.

It’s beyond clear that this was part of battlespace prep to help Joe Bidenwin that November.  

The EIP came after a number of other “disinformation” operations had been deployed against then-President Donald Trump.

Most notorious was RussiaGate, a scheme in which 100%-false claims that Trump was colluding with the Russian government were laundered through the Justice Department and Congress. 

Another was the effort to suppress our reporting around Hunter Biden’s laptop (also 100% correct). 

But this was about more than Trump. 

It was about total control of everybody’s speech and thought. 

Per the Judiciary Committee, feds and universities “pressured social media companies to censor true information, jokes, and political opinions.”