“Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.”

Eliza Mondegreen:

Deep in the comments section, someone raises an uncomfortable question: “If the use of puberty blockers are more beneficial than harmful, why did Norway, Finland, Sweden, and the UK rethink their use?” 

But—never fear—Alexander’s got this covered, too—not in the sense that’s actually looked into but in the sense that he’s decided in advance that it can’t possibly matter: 

I haven’t looked into this, but my prior is that it’s because Europeans are hopeless communist nanny-staters who ban anything cool on general instinct. Cf. melatonin, GPT-4.

This is truly wild stuff. 

Alexander thinks something “suspicious and bad” is afoot with “everyone […] suddenly becoming transgender” (indicating he believes that at least many of the people coming out as trans are not “innately” trans) and he supports “efforts to figure out why and stop it at the root” (so he recognizes that coming out as trans is not only not a positive thing, it’s not even neutral—he clearly thinks that it’s better that people don’t come to think of themselves as trans in the first place). But, given that we haven’t turned off the tap yet, it would be—*checks notes*—bad to not allow children who have come to identify as trans at a time where something “suspicious and bad” is influencing people to identify as trans to transition. Make it make sense.