Whitnall School Board Governance Shenanigans


The board consists of four conservative members and three liberals, yet Rodriguez read the results as four votes for liberal candidate Kevin Stachowiak and three for conservative Jason Craig. Conservative member Karen Mikolainis immediately challenged Rodriguez’s counting of the votes, noting that she had more ballots in her hand than members of the board.

“Those extra ones are in case of a tie,” Rodriguez responded.

Mikolainis demanded a voice vote, but liberal board member Quin Brunette rejected this and insisted on a second round of secret balloting. Rodriguez handed out seven more ballots and members again voted. Again, however, Rodriguez read the results as four votes for Stachowiak and three for Craig.

Later in the meeting, conservative members Mikolainis, Cassie Reiner, and Rachel Scherrer confirmed that they had in fact voted for Craig, and Craig confirmed afterwards that he voted for himself.