Civics: Politics and the Chicago Teachers Union

Jeffrey Carter:

As the Democrats worked to exert power, they used the government as a cudgel over the head of the citizens. Get out of line, your garbage didn’t get picked up. Get out of line, a city inspector would visit your business and let you know it would be a shame for something to happen to your business. 

They also stole lots of elections. As John Kass has expertly pointed out, who gets what office in Chicago isn’t competitive. It’s moving pieces around a chessboard. There are no surprises in the Chicago elections. The only drama is a faux drama created by the media and press. Today’s press in Chicago is merely a rubber stamp, a tool of the woke left. There are no true journalists in Chicago employed by the mainstream media. Not one. 

They are either willing Marxists or bought.

As time moved along, the Democratic Machine saw it fortuitous to tie social issues to their power in order to promote guilt. By any means necessary right? The Bill Ayers/ Bernadine Dohrn wing of the Democratic Party took over the intellectual elite. They were readily accepted at the nice parties in Chicago and were accepted by the left-wing academics. The terrorists became respected. They played the long game and nationwide have fundamentally changed public school education in the entire United States.

Democrats in the city harnessed the Chicago street gangs to get out the vote. As long as the gangs got the vote out, the city brass would look the other way. By any means necessary.