Great Books Homeschool


 grades does the curriculum cover?

We provide a complete curriculum for kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Does the curriculum produce its own books or learning materials?

The curriculum is compiled from carefully selected external materials. This allows the student to benefit from the world’s best educational sources in each subject, and it creates space for the inclusion of great books on a wide variety of topics.

How does pricing work?

Our curriculum for kindergarten is completely free. For other grades, we offer a free seven-day trial to explore the curriculum. Thereafter the cost is $39 monthly for your whole family. You may pause or cancel your monthly subscription at any time.

Do I need to purchase books?

Other than the math and art curricula, you should be able to procure most of the core and optional books from your local library. You may wish to purchase your favorites keep in your home, but this is not required.