“Education media, advocates, and leaders might ask why they lost their voice in the face of a politically complicated set of circumstances where we are talking about fundamental issues of student safety.”

Andrew Rotherham

Over the past year and a half I wrote a few posts on Loudoun Countyand how the “narrative” about it was often at odds with the facts on the ground. From an October 2021 post:

A common response to those posts was the idea this Loudoun controversy was all partisan, it was transphobic, it was much ado about nothing. In fact, the local newspaper, The Washington Post, could barely be bothered to report on it in any depth until today. It was freelance journalist Matt Taibbi – far from a local – who did the most definitive deep dive.

This is the key takeaway from a grand jury report released today about Loudoun’s handling of two sexual assaults: