Parental Rights Lawfare

Michael Graham:

On Thursday, NHJournal reported on a press conference held by GOP congressional candidate Karoline Leavitt outside the district’s headquarters, denouncing both the policies and the Democrats who support it. Her opponent, Rep. Chris Pappas (D) voted on Thursday to kill a proposal requiring schools that receive federal funds to inform parents about counseling they receive at school.

“Parents have an inalienable right to know what’s going on in their child’s classroom, and in Congress, I will proudly support legislation to enact a federal parental bill of rights,” Leavitt said. “I will always ensure that Granite State moms and dads feel heard at the highest level of our government. That is why I am here today, and I will always put parents over politicians.”

Friday morning, Buckley tweeted to NHJournal: “You’re purposely going after children, endangering their lives, mental health & safety & its disgusting. Not all families are the same, some kids will be kicked out or beaten (to death), or commit suicide. All to try to get votes for Karoline?”