Taxpayer Supported Loudoun County School District Litigation

America First Legal

Unlawful actions by the most notorious school district in America include:

  • Knowingly, systematically, and willfully violating the Plaintiffs’ fundamental constitutional rights to care for, nurture, and direct the education, moral instruction, and upbringing of their children;
  • Knowingly, systematically, and willfully taking advantage of the schools’ coercive power over children to impose a woke social, political, and psychological ideology and agenda, and thereby to shape and control student attitudes, beliefs, and behavior relating to, inter alia, human sexuality, equal rights, and the relationship between a parent and his or her child;
  • Requiring schools and teachers as a matter of policy to deceive parents and secretly promote and facilitate a child’s “gender transition”;
  • Requiring schools as a matter of policy to provide children with psychological or psychiatric counseling and treatment without parental knowledge or consent;
  • Soliciting and obtaining information about student attitudes, habits, traits, opinions, beliefs or feelings regarding sensitive regulated topics such as sex, religion, race, and familial relationships without either express prior parental consent or a direct relationship to academic instruction;
  • Knowingly, systematically, and willfully using “social and emotional learning” and other similar methods and techniques for the purpose of affecting childrens’ behavioral, emotional, or attitudinal characteristics related, inter alia, to race and sexuality, without prior parental consent or any direct relationship to academic instruction;
  • Invidiously using racial “balancing” and quotas to favor some children at the expense of others;
  • Intentionally failing to provide Plaintiffs with a safe and orderly learning environment for their children;
  • Illegally hiding information about school operations and curriculum from parents;
  • Illegally charging exorbitant fees and/or claiming legally deficient exemptions to Freedom of Information Act Requests;
  • Illegally failing to comply with multiple Virginia laws mandating parental notifications and involvement in surveys and teaching related to sensitive personal subjects including human sexuality and race;
  • Illegally implementing race-based quota systems for entry into advanced level classes and admission to the Academies of Loudoun; and
  • Retaliating and discriminating against parents and children whose beliefs do not align with the woke LCPS agenda;