We must hold the American Journal of Political Science to account


It is as smoking gun as you can possibly get in academia and data science. The R code is straightforward. Enos manipulated his observations to make it seem like different races are afraid of each other. This is a seminal paper in the sub-field of “racial threat theory”… and it it 100% fraudulent. Enos manipulated his observations to racebait and stoke racial tensions! Enos’ inflammatory anti-white rhetoric based on fabricated data contributes to crimes like the one perpetrated in the Seth Smith case.

His Name Was Seth Smith
I’ve been doing lots of random punditry on Substack lately (Covid, Ukraine, crypto, prediction markets… etc.) and most of my readers are newer readers, so they wouldn’t necessarily know that Karlstack was originally set up to cater to academic economists. This is still an economics themed Substack. So, when I see injustice happening in the economics pro…
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This Enos fraud case is already proven dead to rights — Enos should be fired and have his tenure stripped in shame, but the American Journal of Political Science (AJPS) is refusing to investigate on the grounds that I do not have a PhD?! Therefore, I do not have grounds to submit a complaint?! They are adamant about this. They won’t accept my pleb complaint.

Does this make sense to you? Do journals normally refuse to accept ethical complaints unless the complainant has a PhD? Of course not — that would be insane! Normally, journals are even required to accept credible anonymous complaints. So this “we only accept complaints from PhD holders” line is a totally made up rule because they know if they investigate Enos, they will have no choice but to find him guilty. So they are obfuscating.