Commentary on Critical Race theory in taxpayer supported K-12 schools

C Bradley Thompson:

Parents en masse organized to protest the teaching of Critical Race Theory (and Critical Gender Theory) in America’s government schools. We’ve all seen the videos of school board meetings that erupted in anger as parents vented their frustrations with local school board officials. It’s clear from those meetings that the parents opposing CRT believe that the doctrine is racist both in theory and practice and that it is fomenting racial division and hatred.

In response to this burst of parental outrage, the Education Establishment and its lackeys in the mainstream media launched a PR campaign dedicated to mocking and dismissing the claim CRT was being taught in America’s classrooms. The Washington Post claimed that “critical race theory is not part of the local school systems’ K-12 curriculum, nor mentioned in the state’s Standards of Learning . . . There is scant evidence it’s taught anywhere – let alone everywhere.”[1] According to a headline in a NBC News report, “Teaching critical race theory isn’t happening in classrooms, teacher survey says.”[2] PBS New Hour declared “[t]here is little to no evidence that critical race theory itself is being taught to K-12 public school students.”[3]Speaking on behalf of the Education Deep State, The New York Times asserted, “Education leaders, including the National School Boards Association, deny that there is any critical race theory being taught in K-12 schools.”[4]

Interestingly, after denying that CRT is taught in America’s schools, most mainstream media articles on the controversy typically went on to suggest that even though CRT is not taught in America’s schools, it would in fact be a good thing if it were as a tool in the fight against racism. And then of course, the articles typically ended with the obligatory “Kafka-trap” in which it would be suggested that any claim that CRT was being taught in the government schools was itself evidence of racism, thereby proving the need to teach CRT. The Washington Postsuggested, for instance, that Republicans were using CRT as a racist “dog whistle,” the purpose of which was to fan the flames of “moral panic.”[5]