Civics: After this story posted, the spokesperson confirmed that the Inspector General is not investigating EcoHealth Alliance grants.

Paul Thacker:

Beginning last week, I sent the NIH a series of questions asking them to confirm how many referrals they had sent to the Inspector General about EcoHealth Alliance. Hill sources had told me that the NIH had sent the IG several referrals about EcoHeatlh Alliance, although the exact number is unknown. I also asked NIH to explain if the Inspector General had then contacted NIH for further information, or if the referrals were ignored.

“NIH does not comment on OIG investigations,” emailed an NIH spokesperson.

I then pointed out that it was public knowledge that the NIH had sent 51 criminal referrals to the IG and that I just needed to know how many specifically involved EcoHealth Alliance. I also asked NIH if they were still working with the FBI to investigate EcoHealth Alliance. The Intercept had discovered an email that showed the NIH was working with the FBI to investigate EcoHealth Alliance’s grants.