TJ Papers of school board emails and texts: TJHSST admissions changes had “an anti asian feel underlying some of this, hate to say it lol”

Parents defending education:

New documents released in a federal lawsuit filed by parents alleging anti-Asian discrimination case against the school board in Fairfax County, Va., reveal that board members knew that the new admissions policies to America’s No. 1 high school, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, were “racist,” “anti asian” and “political.”

The case, Coalition for TJ vs. Fairfax County School Board et al, is Case Number: 1:21-cv-00296-CMH-JFA in U.S. federal court in Alexandria, Virginia. Judge Claude Hilton will hear the case in federal court in Alexandria on Tuesday, January 18, at 10 a.m.

The Coalition for TJ is represented by Pacific Legal Foundation.

The new documents chronicle the behind-the-scenes manipulations and motivations that disturbed even school board members for their rushed and hurried process.

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