Journalists today aren’t muckrakers — they are defenders of the liberal elite

Batya Ungar-Sargon:

The documents revealed a serious breach of journalistic ethics, though by no means Chris Cuomo’s worst. His coverage of the pandemic included staging a fake emergence from quarantine, and turning interviews with his brother, then governor, into a family joshing session, even as his brother was overseeing the deaths of 20,000 elderly and developmentally disabled New Yorkers through an edict that forced the COVID-positive back into nursing homes. 

There’s a deeper truth here about the interconnection of our political and journalistic elites. Because Chris Cuomo using his journalistic star power to protect his brother, who was using his political star power to harass and grope women and sentence seniors and the developmentally disabled to death, is not an aberration of how these two sectors of America’s elites operate. It is instead a perfect literalization of the role our elite chattering class plays consolidating the power of its chosen celebrity politicians.