Google has locked my account for sharing a historical archive they labeled as “terrorist Activity”

Ed Francis:

Good morning, my name is Ed Francis, the owner, and editor of armored archives. We are a small but growing channel covering the development of Armoured vehicles over the last century.

Until recently I have had no problems with Google Drive which I used to back up all of my data, which has been gathered from archives over the last 7 years or so, this is primarily documents ranging from engineering to mechanical reports 1916-2020. One of these files I suspect has been picked up by the bots which had a wide selection of vehicles from the Middle East. That is its been flagged up in a False Positive by Google’s online bots.

This file was a collection of vehicles and at some point, was to be used to make a video showing the adaption and changes to vehicles used in these conflicts and how the requirements for urban fighting and asymmetrical warfare have shifted the design parameters of vehicles. These files contained no graphic images, no promotion of terrorism, no glorification or recruitment or anything else of the sort. There is the possibility that ISIS and so on painted slogans or daubed their letters on vehicles as this is common practice in that conflict.

There has been no picking of sides, ideological posts, or discussion thereof, and the file contains aspects from all sides in those conflicts and is focused on the vehicles in question, dates they were recorded, locations, and categories. The rest of the google file is similar in supporting context with files from cold war developments, WW2 developments, and of course our videos and research, which has taken over 7 years to collect from British archives.

Many taxpayer supported K=12 school districts use Google services (YouTube), including Madison.