Where Are Working Women’s Advocates? Follow the Government Worker Union Money

Michael Watson:

But there are many reasons that explain this silence: Tens of thousands of U.S. dollars given to organized institutional “feminism” by Big Labor, especially by government worker unions like the teachers unions that are locking down schools. For example, the National Women’s Law Center, the source of Markowicz’s facts and figures, took $10,000 in 2020 from the nation’s largest teachers union, the National Education Association (NEA). In previous years, it has taken funding from other government worker unions and union federations, including the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees; the Service Employees International Union; and the AFL-CIO.

National Women’s Law Center is far from the only “feminist” or feminist-aligned organization to benefit from Big Labor’s institutional funding. In its 2020 annual report under the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act, the NEA contributed to a number of Left feminist-aligned groups including the Center for American Progress Action Fund, Democracy Alliance, ProgressNow, State Innovation Exchange, Supermajority, and Women’s March Incorporated.

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) has likewise contributed to the organized Left-feminist groups who might otherwise object to policies driving millions of women from employment. On its 2020 annual report, AFT reported funding Emily’s List and Women Vote!, two liberal feminist-focused PACs, as well as multi-issue feminism-aligned advocacy groups like MoveOn Civic Action, America Votes, and the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy.