NY’s education bureaucrats keep showing us that they put kids’ interests last

Karol Markowicz:

The blows keeping coming for New York City school kids — with some of them specifically meant to hide just how disastrous this school year has become.

The latest? The State Education Department last week canceled Regents exams for January.

“We determined the January Regents exams could not be safely, equitably and fairly administered across the state, given where the pandemic currently stands,” muttered Interim New York State Education Commissioner Betty A. Rosa. How convenient.

This comes on the heels of news of the city’s new grading system for this year: Everyone passes. Elementary-school students will receive grades of an “N” (needs improvement) and middle- and high-school kids an “NX” (course in progress) in place of failing grades.

Which means no one — not school staff, teachers or kids — has much reason to put in much effort.

Think about it: How hard will kids work if they know they can’t fail? Why would teachers spend much time trying to get a child up to speed if they can slap an “N” or “NX” on their report card and make it someone else’s problem?

All this fits a trend: Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza has long wanted to cancel state tests. In August, he openly hoped a Joe Biden administration would let him do just that.