Students at Ohio charter schools show greater academic gains, report finds

Catherine Candisky:

A new report found many Ohio students attending charter schools had larger gains on achievement tests, better attendance and fewer disciplinary incidents compared to their peers enrolled in traditional public schools.

Black, low achieving, and urban students at the tax-funded, privately operated and tuition-free schools benefitted most, according to the analysis by Ohio State political science professor Stephane Lavertu, “The Impact of Ohio Charter Schools on Student Outcomes, 2016-2019.”

Columbus charter schools, the report found, academically outperformed those in other urban areas.

“It’s approximately as if a student had an extra year of learning by 8th grade if they attended a charter school for all those grades, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, about 35 to 40 days of learning per year.” Lavertu told reporters during a conference call.