Civics: The Cement of Society Is….


submission to the laws of society (George Berkeley, 1712): “And since the bond and cement of society is submission to its laws, it plainly follows, that this duty hath an equal right with any other to be thought a law of nature.”

… charity (Jonas Hanway, 1758): “As charity is the great bond of union, and the surest cement of society, the present occasion will warrant the greater indulgence.”

… sympathy (Henry Home, 1758): “When we examine those particular passions, which, though painful, are yet accompanied with no aversion; we find that they are all of the social kind, arising from that eminent principle of sympathy, which is the cement of human society.”

(Henry Home, 1758): “Nor must we judge of this principle as any way vitious or faulty: for besides that it is the great cement of human society, we ought to consider, that, as no state is exempt from misfortunes, mutual sympathy must greatly promote the security and happiness of mankind.”

… sincerity (Henry Venn, 1763): “In these several important particulars, and in all similar to them, you will pay a conscientious regard to sincerity. Your motives also will be distinct from those of the mere moralist, and infinitely more cogent. He may be an advocate for truth and sincerity, and would have all men practice it, because it is the cement of society, and the only foundation of mutual confidence. Feeble motives, alas!”