Local school creates outdoor classrooms with tents


Students at Mercy Montessori will enjoy some of their classes outdoors.

Principal Patty Normile has been working with parents and experts for months on plans to make the school safe. She has set up tents outdoors to create spaces for teachers to hold some classes.

“Our goal is to have them outside as much as we can,” Normile said. “With the various guidelines of having the fresh air, it just seems like a no-brainer for our community.”

Normile said it was important for students to be back in the classroom five days a week. The tents will be used to create classroom space along with other outdoor spaces that can be used.

“We’re really concerned about the mental health of children who have not had the opportunity to be among their peers for socialization,” Normile said.

Marybeth Flaspohlar teaches fourth through sixth grade. She is excited to welcome back the students and believes they will enjoy the outdoor classrooms.