US universities announcing online Fall 2020

A list of four-year universities in the United States who’ve announced that their fall 2020 undergraduate classes will be taught all or almost all online, sorted by date of announcement.

There’s variation within the plans in the list. Some are exclusively online, while others plan to have a limited number of in-person courses, e.g. science labs. Also, some universities plan to have the dorms and on-campus services open at reduced capacity, while others plan to have the campus mostly closed.

May 5 – California State University system: “our planning approach will result in CSU courses primarily being delivered virtually for the fall 2020 term, with limited exceptions”.

June 11 – University of California Irvine (Irvine, CA): “Almost all undergraduate courses will be delivered in a remote format in the fall quarter. A few exceptions are being evaluated, and consist of specialized upper-division labs, specific clinical and experiential courses, and some design courses in Engineering.”

June 15 – Harvard University (Cambridge, MA): “regardless of where our students are living, whether on campus or at home, learning will continue to be remote next year, with only rare exceptions” (Faculty of Arts and Sciences, which includes the undergraduate college).