Watertown School District looks to open Sept. 1 with face-to-face learning

Ed Zagorski:

Imagine a world where Johnny needs a ride every morning and afternoon to and from Webster Elementary School to alleviate the number of children on the school buses.

And once Johnny arrives at the his elementary school, he must wait for a a teacher or another staff member to takes his temperature. If his temperature is 100 degrees or higher or if Johnny exhibits any symptoms related to COVID-19, he will be escorted to an isolation area to return home. If Johnny’s temperature is normal, he may be allowed to visit his locker at the beginning and end of the school day.

If he grows thirsty before his first class, he won’t need to pull down his face mask to sip from the blubber. He and his classmates are only allowed to fill their water bottles there.

If he needs to talk to his teacher before class begins, it will most likely be through a plastic partition keeping him and his teacher at a safe distance from each other.

These possibilities may became a reality if a draft by Watertown Unified Schools District Administrator Cassandra Schug passes the full school board at its next meeting July 27.