Social Media Platforms Are Censoring Legitimate Scientific Dissent About COVID-19

SG Cheah:

Governmental Institutions Don’t Hold Exclusive Ownership on Knowledge 

To the censors who work to silence dissent at companies like Google, Facebook, and YouTube, the truth can only come from the verified experts of the World Health Organization. Therefore, the WHO should have the sole authority to inform the public about what is correct. God forbid that the public be influenced by “unverified non-experts” like Elon Musk. 

By flagging his tweet, the implication is that Elon Musk is just as dumb, ignorant, and uninformed as every other doctor, scientist, and researchers who didn’t pass the approval process of the authorities at the WHO. 

The Guardian, in their criticism against Elon Musk’s tweet, stated that the French study should be dismissed because it didn’t follow all the necessary protocols for scientific research, which includes a randomized administration of the drug and a double-blind test. 

Theoretical Analysis vs. Observations from Reality  

Please enlighten me. How exactly are the doctors in France supposed to ethically “randomize” the administration of a drug they have reason to believe could be life-saving and conduct the study while being double-blinded when they have patients who are dying so quickly from the virus in reality?

This is similar to the press conference done by two local doctors for their local ABC news affiliate in Bakersfield, California which was removed by YouTube. In that video, the doctors were merely questioning the authority of the government-affiliated medical experts and consultants who had long stopped practicing medicine nor saw patients on an everyday basis, unlike other doctors.