Top 25 universities with $350 billion total in endowments were allocated $800 million in coronavirus aid

Bethany Blankley:

Roughly $800 million was allocated to the country’s top 25 universities and colleges that have endowments totaling $350 billion, according to, a nonprofit watchdog organization.

None of the money is required to be paid back. Instead, the funding is paid for by taxpayer debt added to the growing $24.9 trillion national debt.

In an article first published by Forbes, evaluated 5,100 colleges and universities that were allocated $12.5 billion in coronavirus funding.

The organization created an interactive map by state to help users identify which colleges and universities received how much federal money. The list does not necessarily mean that the institutions have taken the money. They must first apply for it to receive it.

Taxpayers interested in learning where their money is going (or how much debt they will go into for paying for it) can click a pin on a state and scroll down to the chart under the map to find out the amount each college or university is allocated.