Wisconsin taxpayers have been protected from high school referendum costs

Benjamin Yount:

Sen. Duey Stroebel of Wisconsin’s 20th District wants taxpayers in the state to know two things.

One, property taxes in Wisconsin are actually down over the past decade. That’s thanks, he says, to Republican lawmakers and former Gov. Scott Walker. And two, Stroebel said the state legislature has protected homeowners from the skyrocketing cost of local school referendums. But that may end. 

“Taxpayers haven’t really felt the pain of those increased [local school] budgets because of the backfill that’s been going on,” Stroebel, R-Saukville, said. 

Stroebel said the Wisconsin legislature spent more than $4 billion on schools across Wisconsin over the past five years to help keep former Gov. Walker’s promise to hold the line on taxes. 

Taxpayer supported K-12 spending transparency is worth a deep dive.