Accountability? Racine Unified one of two districts being reviewed by joint monitoring

Caitlin Sievers:

This fall, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction began joint monitoring of Racine Unified School District’s improvement efforts required under the Every Student Succeeds Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. According to DPI, joint monitoring is only used in districts that are identified as needing support in all aspects of the ESSA and IDEA. Both are federal laws.

“This work is about helping the district develop systems that provide all students an equitable opportunity for success,” said DPI Communications Officer Benson Gardner in a statement.

So far, Racine Unified is only one of two Wisconsin school districts that have been found to need support in all areas of ESSA and IDEA. The other is Milwaukee Public Schools.

Madison taxpayers spend far more than most K-12 school districts. Yet, we have long tolerated disastrousreading results.