Commentary on the Madison School District 2020 Superintendent Search

Scott Girard:

The full report was not made available to the public Monday night, but was expected to be posted Tuesday afternoon.

Board members voted to accept a leadership profile that will be used to help develop interview questions and screen candidates with a 6 to 1 vote, with Nicki Vander Meulen voting against, having requested more time to read the full report before making that choice.

The profile includes qualities like seeking a visionary team-builder who has experience with diverse populations and an understanding of MMSD’s commitment to high levels of academic achievement for all students. Other parts of the profile included a background as an educator, student-centered and personal qualities like confidence, dedication, sincerity, honesty and organization.

Hill said the district needs to make itself stand out to the “small pool” of candidates who fit the profile and have experience in a district at least as large as Madison.

“Lots of districts are looking for the same people,” Hill said. “The competition is much higher at this particular point.”

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