Learning Japanese

Japanese Complete:

Japanese is a beautiful language entwined ceaselessly with a proud, powerful, and organized culture that teeters between brilliance, freshness, isolation, despair, and true gratitude. Much like the human condition, the Japanese language has many facets and many expressions simply cannot easily be translated into other languages like English without some interpretive acrobatics by the translator. Lexical Gaps exist in many languages, but this Untranslatability is not because our human experiences are somehow fundamentally different, it is because the rich media and culture surrounding and associating with our languages are quite distinct. Language itself is permeated with an unending wave, an ebb and flow, of culture and counter-culture. To be exposed to the various media of Japanese culture: books, movies, poems, paintings, elaborate gardens, temple campuses, hotsprings, thematic festivals, hole-in-the-wall restaurants — is to be exposed to a celebration of history and cultivation of elegance. Learning Japanese is not difficult because it is untranslatable, learning Japanese is notorious because one drop of Japanese has a whole ocean of culture.