Women make up 54% of new students entering Iranian universities

Mehr News:

Hossein Tavakoli, an official at Iran’s National Education Assessment Organization (NEAO) said that out of 191,215 students accepted in this year’s university entrance exam, 104,123 or 54% are women.

Saying that men only make up 45.55% of the new college students this year, Tavakoli added that out of the total 191, 215 new entrants, 59,000 are accepted in Mathematics and Physics majors (21,757 female, 37,860 male), 64,870 are accepted in empirical sciences majors (38,644 female; 26,226 male), and 57,697 major in humanities (37,389 female; 20,308 male).

Furthermore, 4,477 new students have been accepted in art fields of studies (3,444 female; 1,003 male) while 4,554 students are accepted in foreign languages majors (2,859 female; 1,659 male.)