Classroom Frequency: Student Voices From Wisconsin

Maureen McCollum:

“Classroom Frequency” is co-hosted by MG21 teacher, Ian Lowe. “I feel like this project encapsulates so much of what I love about teaching and particularly teaching at a project-based school like ours,” said Lowe. “I love seeing the ways in which students can use their creative expression to make their mark in the world and to make a difference. In the past, that might have meant building a Little Free Library outside of our school or writing a play that will show up in the Young Playwrights Festival. This project has allowed students to tell their stories and to have their stories shared on the radio. That has just been incredible to see and I love the courage that I see from students.”

Radio can be incredibly empowering and provides a space for a wide range of interests and stories. It’s been an incredible honor to work with each of the talented and inspiring students at MG21.