What an ‘Adversity Score’ Misses

Wall Street Journal:

Getting Adversity Backward

Rather than lend students a cushion on their SATs, adversity should fuel them to excel. That’s what universities really want to see. From their essays to their interviews and even their grade-point averages, high school students have the space to make their case in full. It’s on them to articulate it.

Colleges are apt to listen—even if an applicant’s grades and test scores aren’t perfect. Admissions departments want to see more than that. They, along with future employers, want character. The value of a strong determination to overcome adversity is unquantifiable, but it can be used to succeed in college and beyond.

If a student’s goal is not only to earn a degree but also to build a good life, she will learn early on that adversity is not something that sets you back, but something to use to propel you forward.