College- and Career-Ready Student Outcomes Data Explorer


Though all states collect data on student outcomes, the measures they track differ from state to state—differences like which students are included in each indicator, which assessments are used, whether data on student subgroups are reported, and how indicators are constructed. Furthermore, the data states report are often found across a number of websites, and some states publicly report more information than others. Each of these factors makes it hard to know how well-prepared students are for their next steps after high school.

The College- and Career-Ready Student Outcomes Data Explorer brings the available data together in one place, with a range of indicators that measure students’ progress towards and demonstration of college and career readiness (read more about how the data is collected here and see where it is collected from here). This Data Explorer shows states’ college and career readiness data by subgroup where available, and provides insight into how different measures are constructed and which students are being counted for these indicators of achievement.