Want to Raise Successful Kids? Science Says Do These 5 Things Every Day

Bill Murphy, Jr.:

My poor daughter. She’s happy and healthy, and has loving parents and a stable home.

But, she also has a dad who scours scholarly articles to find the modern consensus on best practices in raising kids.

I hope we’re not treating her like a guinea pig. But I do think we’re careful to make small adjustments in the ways we try to raise her, having pored over some of the most useful and interesting strategies out there.

I think the five daily habits I’ll describe below are among the most compelling.

1. Stay on top of them.
It can be exhausting, and sometimes you think your words are going in one ear and out the other. But British researchers found that parents who articulate high expectations are more likely to have kids who grow up to be successful — and avoid some key pitfalls. ‘

Specifically, a study of 15,000 British girls over 10 years, from ages 13-14 to 23-24, found that those whose parents who consistently displayed high expectations for their children were: