Data free Commentary on University of Wisconsin Madison tax, spending and tuition climate

Kelly Meyerhofer:

“Somebody needs to come together and lead a conversation about the positive impact UW-Madison has across the state — not just in Madison, but across the state,” Amber Schroeder, executive director of Badgers United, said about the group’s origins.

The organization’s board of directors includes a long list of heavyweights: Allan “Bud” Selig, commissioner emeritus of Major League Baseball; John and Tashia Morgridge, longtime university donors and billionaire Badger alums; and Curt Culver, former CEO of MGIC Investment Corp.

Badgers United will work with its sister organization, the Badger Advocates lobbying group, with Badgers United operating as a nonpartisan nonprofit that will educate Wisconsinites about the economic return UW-Madison brings to the state, Schroeder said.

Schroeder is a former membership director for the conservative Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, which advocates for business interests.

UW-Madison has increased its state relations and outreach in recent years to myth-bust misconceptions about the university in the hopes of generating more trust among some who may see the institution as elitist.

The writer failed to include ANY UW-Madison budget data.

Some information is easily found (!)

2016-2017 spending was $3,063,800,000, 61% more than 2004-2005: 1,897,900,000

Spending grew at roughly double the rate of inflation.